Saturday, June 20, 2020

Pruning Goals & Mangave corner Part 1

One of my goals this year was to be better at pruning. What better place to start earlier this spring than this overgrown... area:

there are a lot of plants there
And that was after i pulled out the big Agave 'Crazy Horse' that the gophers ate.

This eucalyptus 'Moon Lagoon' needed a major chop, so i just held my breath and did it:
i hope it forgives me... and grows straight. 
I've also been scared to prune the acacia baileyana purpurea - it's from the Huntington! What if i kill it? Or make it look weird?
deep breath and just do!
Note to self - it already looks weird. At least now it also looks a bit more like a tree, although it's hard to tell from the next picture.

But this post is called the 'mangave corner' - why am i talking about pruning?
it looks a little bit less overgrown now?
On the other side of all these plants/trees/bushes, all of which got pruned, is where i keep a lot of my mangaves in pots. They are in pots because of the gophers, of course. (again - everything is the gopher's fault)
this is from earlier this spring, but it looks almost the same now

a bit of a close up
Doesn't it look like there's more room here? Maybe for some new mangaves? Hold on just a few weeks and let's see... I mean, i have to take new pictures to show how the plants recovered from my hack job, i mean pruning, right? Might as well get some new mangaves while i'm at it.

(yes, i have a problem! but it's a wonderful problem to have...)


  1. Just drop by and visiting your garden blog. Truly remarkable collection of succulent plants you have there. It must be nice to focus and work on the pruning - I'm a bit concerned about having prickly thorny plants.
    Had few bad experience.

    Somehow, I just love that bright sun you get in your garden.
    Its been raining almost everyday at my place.

  2. I hope your pruning operation yields positive results, Renee. I'm always nervous about doing more harm than good when I prune too but usually it works out. I look forward to seeing your new mangaves ;) I'm on the lookout for a new one too since I pulled out an overgrown self-seeded shrub in one of my succulent beds.

  3. It looks good to me! You did a fine job.

    My 'Moon Lagoon' is even more crooked than yours. It must be their habit. If I'd know I'd have staked it. Still, it's a lovely shrub.

  4. I am with you on pruning. However, with all this time at home we have been pruning like crazy and must admit the results are promising. Your plants will thank you and put on new growth quickly.


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