Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The rocks are blooming?

This is my wednesday vignette for the week:

camouflage failed!
This was earlier this spring - i'm always impressed with myself when my random plant combinations work out like this:
the colors kinda match?
Obviously not the same plant, but this little cactus also deserved a highlight:
(from earlier this year - as evidenced by the poppies)
I did nothing to this plant since i bought it - i adore cacti that reward neglect like this:
cacti blooms are so pretty!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Pretty pink flowers all around. The second photo looks a little like mama plant reaching out to protect her baby.

  2. I find my random combinations work well due to an obsession with certain colors--choosing the same colors in different plants again and again. The Mangave and cactus flower look just right.

  3. It's always a thrill when a cactus flowers. Such huge flowers for so little plant.


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