Saturday, June 6, 2020

Roses Blooming in Spring 2020

Somehow, i've ended up with a number of pretty roses in the garden. This spring, they all showed off. I've also managed to plant them in such a way that they bloom at slightly different times... Here are all the pictures from this year!

'Livin Easy" blooms 2nd - there are two bushes in the front

I like this darker orange
I totally bought this plant because of the 2018 Garden Bloggers Fling in Austin
and it was totally worth it
Last to bloom is "Blaze" - on the north side of the house. There are three giant bushes, and while the blooms are smaller, there are a lot more of them!
one of the first blooms

They are a pretty red
'Blaze' is a climbing rose, but there's nothing for them to climb on, so I prune them into unruly bushes each year. I'm sure i'll have picture of the entire view during one of my weekend wrap up posts soon - they look gorgeous at the top of the bloom!

First to bloom is 'Mr Lincoln' - who also defies my ability to capture his color correctly
in real life, he's a very dark red
Mr. Lincoln's claim to fame is his scent - strong and very much like what you think a rose smells like
The plant itself is only about 3 years old, and i should remember to prune it better next year, so it looks less lanky.
but so many blooms this year!
This is the first year this particular rose has done so well for me, so i'm excited about that!
so perfect!
I convinced myself to cut a few blooms, and brought one inside. It made the whole room smell like roses. I also used some to make rose tea, which i then used to flavor kombucha. That worked great as well!

Now i'm thinking if there are other spots i could plant roses for next year...


  1. Congrats on your rose successes! I wish mine had done as well this year. Despite all the rain we got, I've still had just one here and there, except for the 'Joseph's Coat' climber that put on a fairly decent display.

  2. Your roses look great! 'Mr Lincoln' is always lanky grower--it's not you.


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