Sunday, January 1, 2017

The garden in 2017 - the Front Garden

...the answer to the question in the last post, 6 months ago, was it was hot, stayed hot and didn't any better until like 3 weeks ago. That led to me neglecting the garden for most of the latter part of 2016. So I suppose I should be happy it doesn't look worse? I've decided to document some of the things I want to fix before spring rolls around, hopefully this will help remind me!

*****warning - pictures of garden ugliness ahead! ******

We'll start in the front garden, because it looks better. As i should have expected, the new landscape has been holding up really well!

In the back corner, all the cherry tree and cacti need is some cleaning. And i should trim those roses:

This situation, near the curve in the front garden path, mostly needs trimming, cleaning of leaves, and the likely some new plants. I'm still figuring out the new water situation here.

Moving to the bed that's nearest the drive way, the Acacia redolens 'Low Boy' is doing an excellent job catching leaves? (In positive news, that's a Grevillea 'Red Hooks' in the corner of that picture... it seems to be surviving winter!)

This area, right by the front window needs some cleaning and weeding, but probably also some plant addition & removal. I should remove the fucraea foetida pups - the mother plant has gotten huge! The clematis jackmanni can probably survive a cut back also - I did finally replace the falling down support with a metal one.

Not everything in the front garden is buried in my neighbor's Londonplane Tree leaves at the moment - my camellia (i think this is c. sasanqua 'Yuletide'?) is blooming a lot more than before! And for a longer time this year too.

Now, with that palate cleanser, let's move the back garden... sigh. But since this post is long enough already (and the back garden has a lot of ... issues, i'll make that a separate post.

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