Saturday, January 14, 2017

Weekend Gardening - 1/14/2017

We're getting more rain! While that makes it harder to get a lot of things done in the garden, since everything is wet, it's so good to see how good the plants look with rain drops on them, and in the winter sun when it does peek through the clouds...

The sunlight was making the leaves transparent this morning!

The opuntia is extra thick with all the water!

The rain washed all the dust off this agave, but not the leaves that are stuck in it's spines:

I'm hoping this eucalyptus will be alright... most of it looks good, but all the branch tips are discolored like the picture below.

Progress on cleaning the various messes is slowly being made! Most of the giant piles of trimmings have been removed and recycled. The russian sages have been cut back early, to get at the gopher mounds and suspected sprinkler repair. I've put traps in the gopher tunnels, and so far, there is at least one less gopher in my garden. The sprinkler repair is still puzzling me - when i dug up the line, there was no damage. Instead, the runoff appears to be related to the water hitting the garden wall and pooling?

I've also managed to clear off most of the leaves out of the acacia in the front garden:
The leaves that came out were chopped up and i worked them into the soil in a couple of places. There are still a lot more leaves in the front garden, but i'm going to let them dry out some before trying to clean them up. There is still a lot left to do, but first i'm going to enjoy more of this rain!


  1. I'm glad you're getting rain too! Isn't it amazing how all the plants glow after being rinsed clean? I was surprised to learn that Opuntia is fattened by rain but it makes sense. Happy gardening, Renee!

    1. i think the pad absorbing extra water is why some smaller opuntia's get flat in the winter - i was surprised at how noticeable the difference was myself! The rain continues, and i hope you are enjoying it too and not getting too much at once. Thanks for commenting!


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