Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Huntington in January

All the way back in January, I visited the Huntington with family. One family member was visiting other family back in Netherlands, and was getting inundated with requests for pictures. Since we had to finally stop sending them, i promised i would put them all in the post. It might be three months later, but here are some of the pictures (without commentary!) for Tante Jo...

This reminds me that it's time to go back!


  1. Great photos. January is a good time to see the aloes in bloom. It's funny that the Orbit Pavilion is still there. When I first saw it, the garden's signage indicated it was part of a touring exhibition that was scheduled to close but that was well over a year ago. It appears it's a permanent feature now.

  2. It’s always a good day to see pictures from the Huntington! So that glass dome that looks like a conservatory, where is it? I can’t place it. Then again I haven’t been there since the entrance remodel.

  3. We should all get together at the Huntington some day!


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