Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Wednesday Vignettes - pretty flowers

Well, the world turned upside down... but Spring is still here. Let's look at some pretty flower pictures for just a moment.

why yes, i did get a phone with portrait mode!

Salvia coming back

this species tulip looks like it's floating

cassia is blooming... it might need a hard chop this year!

these are pretty!

yellow yarrow might not be exciting, but i'm still glad its back
Back to the read world, i suppose. I hope everyone is staying healthy, safe, and sane!


  1. I'm glad you have some quality time in your garden, Renee. I'm guessing that you're not traveling for business nearly as much as you were.

    1. No travel at all right now, Kris! I almost miss it...

  2. Wonderful pictures. Your new phone camera does a great job. What is the plant in the first picture?Very pretty.

    1. That is a calandrinia grandiflora! Super easy to grow here, and the pink flowers are so cheerful!

  3. Flowers take us to a better place. :) You and your family stay healthy and safe, too.


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