Saturday, April 11, 2020

Weekend Wrap up: Gazania everywhere

I continue to be grateful to my garden for being a great place to be distracted, relaxed, and learn that control is just an illusion. I spend all sorts of time figuring out where plants go, and which ones i should get, and then the garden says: "What you need is Gazania"

and so therefore, there were Gazania on the hillside
You can buy different colored ones at the garden centers. In my experience, they don't really last. I've never bought yellow or orange ones. But that's what the garden decided it liked, in all the different colors. 
yellow with orange stipes

more orangy and dark



and this color combo
Not just content with showing me that it's better than me at picking flower colors, the garden also showed that it's much better at picking where to plant them than any planting scheme i've ever come up with:
the right hill side
Here's to hoping we get more Spring-like days soon! 


  1. Ain't that the truth--my plants have come up with better combinations on their own than I ever have. Sunny here--I miss the rain already.

    Happy Easter, Renee.

    1. Happy Easter to you and yours as well! I think i'm finally learning to just let the plants do their thing...

  2. Have never been a gazania fan but seeing them in yours and others gardens I am going to try them this year. They really are bright and cheerful and non-fussy. Happy Easter.

    1. Bright, cheerful, and not-fussy is definitely a great description of them! Happy Easter to you as well!

  3. They ARE wonderful self-seeders! My garden prefers the yellow and orange varieties too.

    1. Funny how they always revert back to type! I'm still waiting for a random white mutation to show up. Happy Easter to you and yours Kris!


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